What qualification/licence do I need to charter a yacht with SAIL AEGEAN?

If you are booking a bareboat charter or flotilla, you must hold a qualified skipper licence – day skipper competent level (from a recognised body) or an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) as a skipper – and have adequate sailing experience. You should also have a co-skipper at competent crew certificate level or with appropriate experience.

I don’t have a sailing qualification/licence. Can I still charter a yacht?

Yes, this is possible by booking one of our skippers (190€/day+meals). When you charter the yacht with one of our experienced and qualified friendly skippers, you can of course sit back and relax. However, should you wish to learn a bit of sailing, our skippers will be more than happy to teach you. Please bear in mind that the skipper will need to sleep either in one of the cabins or on the couch in the saloon.

What is included as part of the yacht charter price?

The charter price includes all taxes, and all yachts are properly covered with hull and third-party liability for charter business. You are provided with one full set per week of the following: bed linen, bath towels, beach towels, kitchen towels, pillows and light quilted blankets. All yachts are also equipped with the following: full kitchen equipment (including plates, bowls, cups, glasses, cutlery, cooking utensils), dinghy with oars, autopilot, GPS/Plotter, full water tank, one set of snorkelling gear, Greek Water Pilot and map of the sailing region.

What extra services do you provide?

We provide the following extra services:

Skipper: 190€/day + meals.
Hostess: 150€/day + meals.

Outboard engine (for dinghy): 50€/week.
Food shopping service (Provisioning): 20€ service fee, in addition to the cost of provisions.
Pocket WiFi Modem: 30€/booking for 3GB; 50€/booking for 6GB.
Inflatable kayak: 50€/week for 1 person; 60€/week for 2 persons.
Stand up paddle: 120€/week.
Auto-inflatable life jackets: 6€/person/week.
Extra snorkelling equipment: 10€/set/week.
Handheld VHF radio: 50€/week.
Safety net: 150€ up to 40ft; 200€ from 41ft to 54ft.
Secure Parking: 50€/car/week.
Late Check-in (arrival post 21:00 on day of charter start date, resulting in Sunday technical check-in): 50€ fee.

Airport transfer service to Volos base (min. 4 persons):
Volos Airport (VOL) = 15€/person, each way.
Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) = 50€/person, each way.
Athens Airport (ATH) = 60€/person, each way.

(Airport transfer possible for less than 4 persons: cost upon request)

Which SAIL AEGEAN base (Volos or Loutraki) can I charter from?

Our main base is in port of Volos (operating all year round) but we also have a second base in Loutraki, Skopelos Island (operating mid May to early October). Some of our yachts are allocated to our Volos base and others to our Loutraki base. This can be seen on our price list. Please note that our flotilla-operated yachts, which are based in our Loutraki base, can only be chartered from there.

For charter requests from Skiathos, we highly advise chartering from our base in Loutraki harbour instead (opposite Skiathos Port). Loutraki is calmer and better suited for a pleasant evening out and a good night’s rest. Clients who arrive early can enjoy a nice swim at the nearby beach whilst waiting for their check-in slot (typically 18:00 but it may be earlier). Please note our base in Loutraki is only a 20-minute ferry ride from Skiathos port.

Which day of the week can I start my charter?

SAIL AEGEAN offers charters on a weekly basis, starting on Saturdays or Fridays (for some yachts and depending on availability). Our flotilla-operated yachts can only be chartered on Fridays. Sometimes we can allow the odd exception regarding the start day and number of days of the charter, at the beginning and end of the season or as a last-minute booking.

When I confirm my booking, what happens next?

When you confirm that you would like to book a yacht charter with SAIL AEGEAN, you will be sent a Booking Confirmation and you will be asked to arrange the 30% down payment via bank transfer in the following 7 days (as is written in the Booking Confirmation). Furthermore, 1-2 months prior to the start of your charter, SAIL AEGEAN will contact you with all the required paperwork and other documents (crew list form, boarding pass, etc). You will also be sent an invoice for the remaining payment of your charter. If you want to book extra services, please inform SAIL AEGEAN well in advance of your charter start date.

Is it possible for me to bring my dog with me on my sailing holiday?

Yes, this is possible. An extra charge of 100€ (per dog per booking) applies for the extra deep cleaning required at the end of the charter.
As part of this extra charge, we will also provide a dog life jacket, a dog blanket, food bowls and veterinary medication against motion sickness.

Before The Charter
What is the security deposit? Or the damage waiver?

All of SAIL AEGEAN’s yachts are properly covered with hull and third-party liability insurance for charter business. As with any insurance, an excess applies in case of any claim. Therefore, clients are required to leave either (1) a refundable security deposit equivalent to this excess, OR (2) a non-refundable damage waiver with a refundable excess . Either option is for covering any damage or loss caused by the charterer/client during their charter. Consequently, the charterer/clients’ liability is limited to the amount of the security deposit or damage waiver (plus excess), unless the damage or loss is due to their gross negligence or intentional act.

In the case of any damage or loss, the cost of repair or replacement is (1) deducted from the security deposit and the remaining balance is refunded to the charterer/client, or (2) covered by the damage waiver and if the cost is more than the waiver, then it is deducted from the excess amount and any remaining balance is refunded to the client. The charterer/client is not responsible for normal wear and tear.

(1) The refundable security deposit is required at check-in via an online authorisation of the charterer/client’s credit card (AMEX, Visa or Mastercard).

(2) The non-refundable damage waiver can be paid in advance by bank transfer or at check-in via AMEX, Visa, Mastercard or cash. The refundable excess is paid like the refundable security deposit.

The security deposit or damage waiver (plus excess) is required even if a skipper is hired at extra cost.

If you are chartering with a skipper provided by SAIL AEGEAN, the skipper is not responsible for all damages aboard. He is responsible for sailing the yacht and if he accidentally damages the yacht, he will have to pay for the damage himself. However, any damage caused by the charterer/client himself or by his guests aboard is their own responsibility – for example, accidentally blocking the toilet, accidentally burning something or causing a fire whilst cooking, damages under the influence of alcohol, etc.



I’ve booked a skippered charter. Why do I still need to leave a security deposit or pay a damage waiver?

If you are chartering with a skipper provided by SAIL AEGEAN, the skipper is not responsible for all damages aboard. He is responsible for sailing the yacht and if he accidentally damages the yacht, he will have to pay for the damage himself. However, any damage caused by the client aboard is the client’s responsibility – for example, accidentally blocking the toilet, accidentally burning something or causing a fire whilst cooking, damages under the influence of alcohol, etc.

Extra Insurance for the security deposit? What is this?

We strongly advise obtaining insurance in advance to cover the refundable security deposit amount, as sometimes accidents, damages and losses can happen, no matter how good a sailor one is or if one of our skippers is hired. One might accidentally lose the dinghy at sea or burn something in the galley whilst cooking.

For example, should you accidentally lose the dinghy and your security deposit is 2000€, this will be used to cover the cost for a dinghy replacement and you will be refunded the difference. So, if the cost for a new dinghy is 900€, you will be refunded 1100€. However, if you have insurance coverage for the 2000€, you can then make a claim to the insurance company and get them to refund you your full 2000€. If you have incurred no damage or loss, we will instruct our bank to release your security deposit amount that is being held.

Of course, it is up to you how you choose to proceed but we do advise opting for the small fee for the insurance coverage rather than the risk of losing all or part of the 2000€ deposit. 
You can obtain the insurance to cover your security deposit amount via Pantaenius (the Bond Insurance Plus package), Hamburger Insurance or your own insurance broker before your charter start date. It is up to you if you wish to obtain any other additional insurance. 

Do I need any other insurance?

It is up to you whether you want travel insurance or any other additional insurance.

However, we strongly advise obtaining insurance for your security deposit amount – unfortunately, sometimes accidents or damages do happen. This insurance can be obtained via Pantaenius  (the Pantaenius Bond Insurance Plus Package should be sufficient and covers the security deposit amount for your charter), Hamburger Insurance or your own insurance broker before your charter start date.

I want/need to cancel my charter booking. What is the procedure?

If you need to cancel your booking, please contact us at [email protected].

The cancellation fee applies as follows:
Less than 30 days before charter = 100% of total charter price.
Between 30 – 60 days before charter starts = 50% of total charter price.
60 days or more before charter starts = 30% of total charter price.

What should I bring with me?

You need to bring your sailing licence (if you are chartering bareboat), personal identification for each crew member/passenger and your personal items. Please note we provide beach towels as well as bath towels.

How do I get to SAIL AEGEAN’s base in Loutraki harbour (Skopelos Island) from either mainland Greece or Skiathos Airport?

The closest airport to our base in Loutraki harbour, Skopelos Island, is the international airport on Skiathos Island. Many European cities have direct flights to Skiathos Airport (May to early October). Skiathos Airport is 5 minutes away from Skiathos Port. From Skiathos Port, there are regular ferry services (journey time 20-30 minutes) to Loutraki harbour (also referred to as Glossa).
If you fly from/to one of the main international airports of mainland Greece (Athens or Thessaloniki), you can get to our base in Loutraki harbour with the following options:

  • From Athens Airport, take a domestic flight to Skiathos Airport and then take the ferry to Loutraki.
  • From Thessaloniki Airport, it might be possible to take a fast-ferry (only operating in the summer months) from Thessaloniki port to Skiathos and/or Skopelos.

Alternatively, you could consider chartering from our main base in Volos Port, which is approximately 2.5 hours away from Thessaloniki Airport and approximately 3.5 hours away from Athens Airport. There are also direct flights to Volos Airport from several European cities. We can provide you with our airport shuttle service from/to any of these three airports or you can take the coach KTEL Magnesias/Volos.

Please note that there are also regular ferries between our main base in Volos port and second base in Loutraki (and Skiathos). Visit for schedules and prices.

Where can I leave my car for the week that I am on the yacht?

We can offer you parking for 50€/car/week in a secure car park next to Volos port. Please come first to where our yachts are located in Volos port (click here to view our map). You can unload your luggage onto your yacht and then one of our team members will provide you with an access card to the car park and will give you directions. You will be asked to pay the 50€ on the spot.

Alternatively it is possible to park in the local car park of the port, where the ferries come and go and where you can find all our yachts.

During The Charter
What happens during check-in?

Check-in normally starts at 18:00. However, sometimes it is possible to arrange for an earlier or later check-in. The check-in is the procedure for the client to become acquainted with the yacht. SAIL AEGEAN staff will come aboard your yacht during your check-in to go through the inventory with you, so that you can satisfy yourself with the condition of the yacht and its equipment and make sure that everything is there as per the inventory checklist.

What happens during check-out?

The check-out is a similar procedure to the check-in. SAIL AEGEAN staff will come aboard and check the yacht with you for any damage or loss before your disembarkation. If there has been no damage or loss, SAIL AEGEAN will instruct their bank to release the amount that is being held as a security deposit against your credit card. You should receive your security deposit back within 15 days following your check-out.

At check-out, the fuel tank (which was full at the start of your charter) will also be checked and you will be required to pay only for the amount of fuel that you have used at the end of your charter.

What happens if I have a problem during my charter?

If you encounter any problem during your charter, please contact SAIL AEGEAN’s Base Manager immediately. SAIL AEGEAN will try to assist you and solve your problem as efficiently and as quickly as possible. In the case of damage, it is important to follow the following protocol:

1. Exchange all insurance policy data with third parties.
2. Take photos of the damage.
3. Make a sketch with a short description of the circumstances leading to the accident, signed and dated.
4. Collect third-party data.
5. Follow protocol from an official of the local Greek Port Authority.
6. Make a Logbook entry.

How do I get food provisions for my charter?

SAIL AEGEAN can arrange delivery of your provisions to the yacht for a small charge of 20€ (payable in cash at the base), in addition to the cost of the provisions. You can download the provisioning list from our website, complete it and return to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can choose to do your own food shopping. There are plenty of supermarkets and mini markets available in the region. Please refer to the map/information documentfor your check-in/out base.

Are there mooring fees in the region?

There are no mooring fees at our Volos base or Loutraki base where you may spend the first and last night of the charter. There are various small fees of up to 5€ on the Sporades Islands.

How do I obtain water, fuel and electricity aboard?

There are many harbours in the region where you can supply your yacht with water, fuel and electricity, using the respective cables/hose pipes aboard your yacht. Small fees apply for connecting to the power/water pillars on the quays. In addition, all yachts (except for our Jeanneau 54 and our Lagoon 42 & 46) have 12V sockets and 150W inverters (suitable for charging smartphones and tablets – not hairdryers!). Many cafés and restaurants will also allow you to charge electronic devices too.

Our Jeanneau 54 and our Lagoon 42 & 46 each have a 2000W inverter.

Our Jeanneau 54 and our Lagoon 42 & 46 have 8kW generators.

About SAIL AEGEAN's Yachts
Do the yachts have safety equipment, necessary navigation charts and pilot books aboard?

All yachts are equipped with full safety and navigation equipment, according to Greek Maritime Law, including sufficient life jackets, flares, VHF, GPS, life raft, autopilot, EPIRB, navigation charts and pilot book for the region.

Is there a music system aboard?

All yachts have excellent sound systems with cockpit speakers. The sound systems include radio and, depending on the yacht, some have CD players, bluetooth, USB and/or auxiliary connections (it is recommended you bring an iPod/iPhone/MP3Player auxiliary input cable and/or USB cable for connecting your music devices).

What other useful equipment is provided aboard?

Other useful equipment includes: 1 set of snorkeling gear; dinghy with oars; yacht charter documents; and a food and drink guide for the area.

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