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Modern Volos is a relatively new and vibrant city. It is mainly built on the area of the ancient city of Iolcus. Iolcus was the homeland of the mythical ancient Greek hero, Jason.

This is also where he and the Argonauts began their voyage on their ship, the Argo, in search of the Golden Fleece.


Northern Evia has lovely golden beaches surrounded by pine trees. It is dominated by forested mountains where you can find many pretty villages.

Despite the distance, it’s worth visiting Edipsos - a lively town, long-renowned for the healing powers of its natural thermal springs.

Pagasitikos Gulf

The Pagasitikos Gulf is a round-shaped gulf in the region of Magnesia, with the city of Volos as its main port. The gulf is embraced by Mount Pelion, with an opening to the Aegean Sea. Pelion is an area of incredible beauty - a high mountain with abundant fauna and flora, combined with stunning beaches.

The Pagasitikos Gulf is ideal for relaxed sailing, as the sea is relatively calm, with gentle winds that are channelled down from Pelion. Sailing here will give you the opportunity to discover the captivating beauty of its many unspoilt bays, with their teal-coloured waters.


Skiathos is a popular tourist destination, with its own airport, all necessary tourist facilities, a vibrant nightlife and over 60, chiefly sandy, beaches.



Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece. The island has an unrivalled natural beauty and ecological balance, with its lush emerald forest and clear blue sea and sky.



Alonissos is renowned for its unique Marine Park, where the Mediterranean Monk Seal and other marine animals can be spotted.



Skyros is a bigger island, with many secluded beaches, and has little tourist development.


A unique sailing region

Start your sailing holiday along the car-free promenade of Volos waterfront and try the local tsipouro drink. From there, go on to discover the dazzling secluded coves of the Pagasitikos Gulf, explore the charming Sporades Islands and relax in the green tranquility of Northern Evia.

Alternatively, start your sailing holiday from our seasonal base in the small harbour of Loutraki, on the Sporades Island of Skopelos.

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Sail Aegean would like to welcome you to the beautiful region of Magnesia, on the Aegean coast of Central Greece. With our new and well-equipped sailing yachts, we aim to offer you wonderful sailing holidays (with or without skipper) in every season of the year.

We are a Belgian/Greek yacht charter company, based in Brussels, Belgium, but the main base port for our sailing holidays is the unique port city of Volos – the capital of Magnesia and the ideal place to embark on a fantastic sailing holiday.