In addition to sailing holidays, Sail Aegean also provides nautical services from the following bases in Central Greece:

  • Volos Base
  • Loutraki Base (on Skopelos Island)
  • Skiathos Base

The Nautical Services Include:

Yacht Management : For those who own a yacht and wish to have it fully managed and chartered by Sail Aegean.
Yacht Maintenance : For those who own a yacht and wish to have it repaired and/or maintained by Sail Aegean.

Yacht Management


Charter season tasks

Sail Aegean Services (SAS) is committed throughout the charter season period to accomplish, from the respective base, all the check-in and check-out procedures with the charterers, as a representative of the yacht owner. Charter season tasks consist of:

1.  Check-in

  • Welcoming the charterers on the dock of the respective base.
  • Delivery of the yacht's inventory.
  • Technical delivery of the yacht.
  • Delivery of sailing documents to the client.
  • Safe departure of the yacht.
  • Guidance and technical support to the client throughout the charter.

2. Check-out

  • Welcoming the charterers on their return to the base.
  • Arrangement of the check-out.
  • Return of the yacht’s inventory.
  • Technical return of the yacht.
  • Financial settlements (return of Security Deposit and settlement of any repair/loss charges).
  • Hull and keel inspection by diver.
  • Refilling the yacht’s tanks with fuel.

3. Provisions and inspection of the yacht

  • Technical repairs from the last charter.
  • Internal-external cleaning of the yacht.
  • Changing of gas bottles.
  • Technical inspection of the outboard and refilling its tank with petrol.
  • Refilling of water tanks.
  • Completion of the inventory.
  • Replacement of batteries, fenders, ropes, flags, etc.
  • Linen cleaning and replacement.
  • Engine inspection and filter/oil change (whenever needed).
  • Final technical inspection.
  • Paper processing with the Port Police.


Throughout the winter period, work related to the preservation of the yacht includes:

  • Supervising work from all technical teams involved in the winterisation.
  • Preserving all the equipment of the yacht.
  • Carrying out all necessary works on the winterisation technical list.

General work


  • Liferaft inspection.
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance or replacement.
  • VHF and EPIRB maintenance and inspection.
  • Safekeeping of Certificates.



  • Berth location for the boat and guardianship.
  • Dealing with all paper work regarding ports and marinas, Port Police, accounts and the tax office.

Preparation of the yacht for charter or for the owner’s use during the charter season (April to November).

Yacht Maintenance

9 Years of Experience in Yacht Maintenance

We are very proud of our in-house marine technical service team. During the last 9 years of SAIL AEGEAN’s charter operation, they have proved their worth, earning the admiration and respect of both clients and colleagues. Our objective is to provide excellent service to yacht owners.

So if you need any work done on your yacht (sailing or motor yacht), please contact [email protected] for a quotation. You will receive the best quote for a job to be done by a competent team who understand and respect your yacht.


  • Dry-docking in our spacious yacht parking facility within the port of Volos.
  • Hauling/Launching.
  • Hull treatment, equipment maintenance, cleaning.
  • Painting & polishing.
  • Engine service (all marine engine types: diesel and petrol, inboards, sterndrives and outboards).
  • Mechanical works (steering gear, rudder, shaft, propeller, etc.).
  • Aluminium and stainless steel works.
  • Sail and rigging works.
  • All types of carpentry works.
  • All types of GRP repairs.
  • Teak deck installation and repairs.
  • Dealing with all safety regulation items (life raft, firefighting, etc.).


Sail Aegean Services PC.
Elassonos 8
38334 Volos, Greece
Tel: +30 2421214300
Mobile Greece: +30 694 4738806
Email: [email protected]

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SAIL AEGEAN heet u van harte welkom in de prachtige streek van Magnesia aan de Egeïsche kust van Centraal Griekenland. Met onze nieuwe, zeer goed uitgeruste zeiljachten willen wij u relaxerende en waardevolle zeilvakantiedagen (met of zonder schipper) in elk seizoen van het jaar aanbieden.

SAIL AEGEAN is een Belgisch-Griekse chartermaatschappij voor zeiljachten, gevestigd in Brussel, maar de belangrijkste thuishaven is de unieke stadshaven van Volos – de hoofdstad van Magnesia en de ideale plaats om in te schepen voor een fantastische zeilvakantie.