Since the beginning of its yacht charter operations in 2011, SAIL AEGEAN’s goal has been to invest in high-quality new sailing yachts, so that its clients can enjoy wonderful sailing holidays in a beautiful sailing region.

Our experience has shown that this goal can be achieved by investing in yachts from the BENETEAU Group boatyards (JEANNEAU, BENETEAU, LAGOON).

Due to its ever-increasing success since 2011, SAIL AEGEAN adds further yachts to its fleet every year in order to meet growing charter demand. This has been facilitated by the high returns that SAIL AEGEAN has generated for all yachts in its fleet.

After just 9 years, SAIL AEGEAN has the largest fleet of new and well equipped yachts on the Aegean coast of central Greece, and moreover, is currently in the process of developing a marina in the gulf of Volos.

SAIL AEGEAN is also in a position to offer interested persons the opportunity to invest in a yacht that would be chartered and managed through its own investment programmes.

Yacht Management

The practicalities of owning a yacht may be somewhat daunting when you consider the initial purchase price of the yacht, the ongoing costs for mooring fees, insurance and maintenance, the amount of time spent on taking care of the yacht rather than sailing it, and what to do with the yacht when you are not using it! But you do not need to worry about these considerations when you invest in a yacht under yacht charter management, or “buy-to-charter”. Under such agreements, you own a yacht, 100% at the outset or over time, and a charter company is responsible for ongoing costs, taking care of the yacht and chartering it. In addition to sailing your own yacht, you benefit financially from the investment.

SAIL AEGEAN offers you the opportunity to invest in a brand new JEANNEAU/BENETEAU sailing yacht or LAGOON catamaran, and to profit from its expertise in yacht management to generate a healthy return on your investment. SAIL AEGEAN works to ensure that your yacht is booked for the charter season so that the agreed financial goals are met, while giving you the possibility to enjoy the yacht privately, without the management burden or expense. All costs, such as yacht insurance, mooring fees, winterization, maintenance and repairs during the management period, will be covered entirely by SAIL AEGEAN.

An additional advantage with “buy-to-charter” is that the purchase price of a new yacht for charter is exempt from the value added tax (VAT) in Greece, currently 24%. Payment of VAT is only due if/ when the yacht is no longer used for charter but only used privately instead. In other words, the total price of a yacht bought for charter in Greece is less than the total price of the same yacht bought exclusively for private use.

Moreover, the unique and impressive characteristics of SAIL AEGEAN’s sailing region reinforce the potential for your yacht to be chartered successfully and guarantee you a good return. Many of SAIL AEGEAN’s clients fall in love with the region and return again and again. These characteristics include:

  • unrivalled natural beauty with its unspoiled coastlines, clear teal-coloured waters and green landscape
  • quaint and colourful villages and fishing harbours
  • numerous small uninhabited islands that are only accessible by yacht
  • variety of sailing conditions to suit all preferences, with protection from the summer ‘Meltemi’
  • (strong northerly winds that can be problematic for sailing in other parts of Greece)
  • no mass tourism and little marine traffic
  • marine animal spotting and protected marine park
  • possibility of land tourism on the beautiful Mount Pelion, with its impressive landscape, architecture and culture.

SAIL AEGEAN operates three yacht investment programmes:

  • 100% own funds, with an expected income of 8% paid every year for 6 years.

The investor pays the full purchase price of the yacht at the outset and receives an annual income through returns generated from chartering the yacht.

  • 60% own funds and 40% interest-free loan from SAIL AEGEAN, with a guaranteed income of 3% of own funds paid every year until repayment of the loan, approximately 6 years.

The investor pays 60% of the purchase price of the yacht at the outset and receives an annual income and repays the loan from SAIL AEGEAN through returns generated from chartering the yacht.

  • 35% own funds and 65% interest-free loan from SAIL AEGEAN. No guaranteed income until repayment of the loan.

The investor pays 35% of the purchase price of the yacht at the outset and repays the loan from SAIL AEGEAN through returns generated from chartering the yacht.

The purchase price includes the yacht and its factory equipment, full charter inventory, commissioning and delivery to SAIL AEGEAN’s main charter base in Volos, Greece. The equipment and inventory of the yacht will be comprehensive and provide the best possible charter conditions, and will be discussed with the investor before the yacht is ordered. They will notably include optimal cabin layout and heads, navigational equipment (chart-plotter, autopilot, electronic wind instruments, etc.), bimini and spray-hood and safety equipment required under Greek maritime law, as well as all other items needed to charter the yacht, such as kitchen equipment, towels and linen, etc.

Once you have full ownership of the yacht, either after 6 years or after the loan has been repaid, you have the option to (a) extend the yacht charter management by SAIL AEGEAN (b) sell the yacht through our brokerage network (or privately) or trade in the yacht for the purchase of a new charter yacht or (c) keep the yacht and sail away. If you decide to keep the yacht and no longer want SAIL AEGEAN’s services at the end of a programme, your yacht will be de-branded and returned to you in full working order.

Throughout the yacht management period, owners can enjoy sailing their own yacht under all three investment programmes as follows:

  • Off-season: April and November
  • During the charter season from May to October (26 weeks):

Up to 7 weeks of sailing will be made available to owners by SAIL AEGEAN at short notice.

The only costs to be covered by owners during their private use of their yacht are end cleaning, check-in/out fees and fuel consumption, plus skipper and security deposit insurance, if required.

Get to know Sail Aegean

Before making any decisions, you may wish to familiarize yourself better with SAIL AEGEAN and its yacht charter operations. Consequently, SAIL AEGEAN would be happy to offer you a substantial discount on a test charter for you to experience a sailing holiday in its region and learn more about the charter procedures and SAIL AEGEAN’s two bases: Volos port and Loutraki harbour (Skopelos island).

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SAIL AEGEAN is een Belgisch/Grieks jachtcharterbedrijf dat bareboat- en schippercharters aanbiedt, evenals flottieljes, in een prachtige regio in centraal Griekenland - de Golf van Volos (Pagasitikos), de Sporaden-eilanden en Noord-Evia.

Met onze steeds groter wordende vloot en groeiend succes, onze eigen werf, magazijn/bevoorrading en zeer ervaren in-house maritiem technisch serviceteam, streven we ernaar om onze jachten in uitstekende staat te houden en de beste charterservice in de regio te bieden. We bieden ook maritieme technische diensten voor andere jachteigenaren en de mogelijkheid voor jachtinvesteringen.