Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

Cabines 4
WC 2
Grande voile Furling/Roll
Base Volos
Type Cruise Sailing Yacht
Année 2019
Longueur chaîne d'ancrage 80
Longueur (m) 12.65
Largeur (m) 4.29
Tirant d’eau (m) 1.94
Eau (L) 530
Carburant (L) 200
Moteur (HP) 57
Voilure (m2) 80.57
Cabines 4
WC 2
Grande voile Furling/Roll
Base Volos
Génois Roll
Personnes Max 10
Modèle Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440
  • GPS + traceur cartes
  • Sondeur
  • Propulseur d’étrave
  • Taud
  • Capote de descente
  • Pilote auto
  • Wind instruments
  • Annexe (avec rames)
  • Guindeau électrique
  • Réservoir eaux usées
  • Passerelle fixe en alu
  • VHF
  • Radio
  • Ventilateurs
  • Winches électriques
  • Double couchette dans le salon
  • Plate-forme de bain électrique à tableau
  • Mosquito nets
  • Swimming ladder
  • Inverter
  • Cabin electric sockets
  • Cabin USB sockets
  • Double berth conversion in saloon
  • Swim platform
Nom Bateau Annee Cabines Heads PAX Avril (28/03 – 02/05) Mai (02/05 – 30/05) Juin (30/05 – 27/06) Juillet (27/06 – 01/08) Aout (01/08 – 29/08) Septembre (29/08 – 03/10) Octobre (03/10 – 31/10)
KYMO JEANNEAU 54 2017 4+1 4+1 12 3,140 € 5,100 € 6,560 € 7,410 € 7,970 € 6,920 € 4,930 €
CAPTAIN HOOK JEANNEAU 53 2011 5+1 3+1 12 2,630 € 3,560 € 4,750 € 5,550 € 5,990 € 5,040 € 3,590 €
AMFITHOE SUN ODYSSEY 519 2018 5+1 3 12 2,990 € 4,260 € 5,420 € 6,380 € 6,920 € 5,860 € 4,050 €
IRIS SUND ODYSSEY 490 2021 4+1 4 10 2,960 € 3,990 € 5,270 € 6,120 € 6,660 € 5,630 € 3,870 €
THOE SUN ODYSSEY 469 2015 4 4 10 2,190 € 3,060 € 3,680 € 4,500 € 4,660 € 4,030 € 3,040 €
RODI SUN ODYSSEY 469 2014 4 4 10 2,190 € 3,060 € 3,680 € 4,500 € 4,660 € 4,030 € 3,040 €
AURORA SUN ODYSSEY 45DS 2012 2 2 6 1,820 € 2,480 € 3,250 € 3,740 € 4,030 € 3,400 € 2,500 €
ERATO SUN ODYSSEY 440 2019 4 2 10 2,290 € 3,210 € 4,320 € 4,960 € 5,320 € 4,580 € 3,110 €
ELISABETH II SUN ODYSSEY 440 2023 3 2 8 2,040 € 2,990 € 3,990 € 4,560 € 4,890 € 4,320 € 2,950 €
PASITHEA SUN ODYSSEY 439 2015 4 2 10 1,760 € 2,490 € 3,190 € 3,710 € 4,110 € 3,450 € 2,480 €
KOUKAN MARU BAVARIA C42 2022 3 2 8 1,840 € 2,710 € 3,590 € 4,110 € 4,390 € 3,820 € 2,650 €
KAZE MARU BAVARIA C42 2023 3 2 8 1,840 € 2,710 € 3,590 € 4,110 € 4,390 € 3,820 € 2,650 €
EIONE SUN ODYSSEY 419 2018 3 2 8 1,710 € 2,410 € 3,090 € 3,600 € 3,990 € 3,350 € 2,400 €
EULIMENE SUN ODYSSEY 419 2017 3 2 8 1,710 € 2,410 € 3,090 € 3,600 € 3,990 € 3,350 € 2,400 €
MAERA OCEANIS 41.1 2020 3 2 8 1,840 € 2,710 € 3,590 € 4,110 € 4,390 € 3,820 € 2,650 €
KYMOTHOE SUN ODYSSEY 410 2020 3 2 8 1,840 € 2,710 € 3,590 € 4,110 € 4,390 € 3,820 € 2,650 €
STILVI SUN ODYSSEY 410 2022 3 2 8 1,840 € 2,710 € 3,590 € 4,110 € 4,390 € 3,820 € 2,650 €
AVRA OCEANIS 40.1 2022 3 2 8 1,840 € 2,710 € 3,590 € 4,110 € 4,390 € 3,820 € 2,650 €
DORIS BAVARIA CRUISER 36 2012 3 1 6 1,290 € 1,670 € 2,180 € 2,440 € 2,700 € 2,280 € 1,650 €
SMINTHE SUN ODYSSEY 349 2020 3 1 6 1,500 € 1,960 € 2,640 € 2,980 € 3,330 € 2,800 € 1,880€
MELITI SUN ODYSSEY 349 2018 3 1 6 1,500 € 1,960 € 2,640 € 2,980 € 3,330 € 2,800 € 1,880 €
ACTAEA SUN ODYSSEY 349 2016 3 1 6 1,360 € 1,820 € 2,410 € 2,710 € 3,020 € 2,540 € 1,780 €
DYNAMENE SUN ODYSSEY 349 2015 3 1 6 1,360 € 1,820 € 2,410 € 2,710 € 3,020 € 2,540 € 1,780 €
AMATHEA SUN ODYSSEY 319 2018 2 1 4 1,350 € 1,720 € 2,230 € 2,540 € 2,840 € 2,380 € 1,680 €


  • After having sailed a lot in the (cold and dark) North Sea and Brittany, my wife and I decided to change horizons. We met Sail Aegean in Düsseldorf and Gent and were very pleased with their enthusiasm and eagerness. Hence, we embarked for a sailing adventure with Sail Aegean. Throughout the whole time, we were very positively surprised by their professional approach. The Brussels team followed up our files in a very structured way and provided us with lots of interesting ideas for our week of sailing. Once arrived in Greece, we experienced the same great service: from the shuttle service from Thessaloniki to Volos to the great welcome from the guys from Loutraki base, George and Tony. Our boat, the Galateia 33 ft., was in perfect condition, very clean and fully equipped. Our sailing adventure in the Sporades was super. It really met all expectations: great sailing area with beautiful harbours, great winds (up to 28 knots!), beautiful landscapes. During the trip, we did not have any significant problem but when we had a question, either Tony or George were always available. Conclusion: Sail Aegean gives an impeccable service from beginning till the end. It sounds like doing it again...Many thanks to the team: Christina, Aris, Giannis, Tony, Apostolos, George and all the others we might have missed. Ευχαριστώ πολι!!!!!

    Anne & Karl MOEREMANS, BE
    Anne & Karl MOEREMANS, BE Charter: 26 - 2 August/September 2016, JEANNEAU SO 33i 'GALATEIA'
  • Thank you again this year (third year returning client) for the wonderful charter experience with Sail Aegean. You really feel that your clients get full attention: Giannis, you were there by email before we left Brussels, to welcome us at the bus station in Volos (for tickets you had pre-booked for us), when we sailed back to Volos and even to walk us back to the bus station while our luggage was being taken care of. Your service is of high quality and you always seek feedback to make it better every day! In Volos, Aris and Christos came to greet us. We are very happy and privileged to be members of the Sail Aegean family and we would recommend Sail Aegean to anyone who wants a faultless charter experience, on top of a beautiful sailing area with delicious food.

    Nicholas VANMOL, BE
    Nicholas VANMOL, BE Charter: 10 - 16 September 2016, BENETEAU OC 40 'THALASSA'
  • I spent one wonderful sailing week with my family in the Lagoon 380 catamaran. The four of us enjoyed very much the sailing experience with Sail Aegean and I would recommend it to anyone willing to spend time discovering Greek islands and sailing. The yacht was new, clean and very comfortable. For this first experience in a catamaran we had an excellent skipper, Giorgos, with whom we learnt all the tricks of sailing this wonderful yacht. Giorgos is very experienced and easy-going and we had a wonderful time in his company. I really hope to repeat this amazing experience once again next year'.

    Pedro VELAZQUEZ, BE Charter: 10 - 17 September 2016, LAGOON 380 'CALYPSO'
  • In one word, our sailing was FANTASTIC !!!! We had a great sailing in the Sporades. The skipper was excellent and we enjoyed our holiday a lot. We saw beautiful places and beaches, although we had 2 rainy days, but this was also a sort of an experience. The yacht, Rodi, was perfect, nice and comfortable. The islands each one more beautiful than the other and the skipper, THE BEST !!!!!

    Vilma BIALYSTOCKI, IL Charter: 17 - 24 September 2016, JEANNEAU SO 469 'RODI'
  • Third experience with Sail Aegean and again an excellent trip: Volos, Pigadi, Skiathos, Loutraki, Tzasteni, Volos. Good support during the week on a very comfortable boat for 8 persons. Thanks and see you soon!

    Luc DELORME, BE Charter: 13 - 20 May 2017, LAGOON 380 ‘CALYPSO’
  • My wife, Jane and I, had a fabulous holiday on Leukothea. We visited the three main islands, with good sailing, beautiful walks and great meals. Perhaps our favourite spot was Panormos Bay. The boat was excellent and we soon got the hang of using two main sheets and we found the in-mast furling very simple to operate. Tony was great at the start and finish of our holiday.

    Rob BEZEMER, UK Charter: 5 - 12 May 2017, BAVARIA 36 'LEUKOTHEA'
  • Third experience with Sail Aegean and again a excellent trip : Volos, Pigadi, Skiathos, Loutraki, Tzasteni, Volos. Good support during the week on a very comfortable boat for 8 persons. Thanks and see you soon!

    Luc DELORME, BE Charter: 13 - 20 May 2017, LAGOON 380 'CALYPSO'
  • The services of Sail Aegean were perfect. The checking and checkout procedure was well planned and we were always well informed how much time the things take. During last years I rented about 10 boats in Croatia and Greece and this was my best experience with charter I ever had. Sporades are beautiful and I hope I'll come back.

    Vaclav OPEKAR, CZ Charter: 13 - 20 May 2017, BENETEAU OC 40 'THALASSA'
  • You are very kind and professional. I have chartered very often in different places and I say you are the best.

    Robert RAUCH, DE Charter: 3 - 10 June 2017, JEANNEAU SO 469 ‘THOE’
  • We are just back from Greece. Wonderful vacation and a great sailing boat. Eulimene was just perfect. Thanks to Cristina and George for making it a perfect stay again.

    Michael MUENCH, DE
    Michael MUENCH, DE Charter: 10 - 17 June 2017, JEANNEAU SO 419 ‘EULIMENE’
  • It was a real pleasure to sail in the Sporades with your boat and Company. Everything was perfect, the reception, the boat and the reception at the end of our trip. The boat was exactly like the description before the travel and it’s a guaranty of a success travel. We were fall in love of the area and the islands especially in the north where there is marvellous place without too much people… it become rare to find so quiet places to drop the anchor. I will say you that I have particularly appreciate the help of someone of your company who came to help us in Loutraki (Skopelos) because of the strong wind previous during the night. Thanks to you and be sure I will recommend your company in the future and specially into my sailing school in Brussels (

    Michel LEBRUN, BE
    Michel LEBRUN, BE Charter: 1 – 8 July 2017, JEANNEAU SO 509 ‘AMFITRITI’
  • Η εβδομάδα ήταν καταπληκτική και σας ευχαριστούμε για όλα! Όλα τα παιδιά στην βάση ήταν εκτός από πολύ καλοί επαγγελματίες και πολύ φιλικοί και ανά πάσα στιγμή έτοιμοι να βοηθήσουν. Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ και σίγουρα θα τα ξαναπούμε!

    Avraam KERAMIDAS, GR
    Avraam KERAMIDAS, GR Charter: 1-8 July 2017, JEANNEAU SO 439 ‘PASITHEA’
  • We had a great time on board Kymo. We are giving the skipper, Giorgos (spelling may be wrong), our very best recommendations. He is obviously a very skilled and competent skipper but we also enjoyed his presence on board. We would have liked to get some more wind, but that’s off course hard to request from your company. The boat, brand new, was very nice and fulfilled all our expectations. Hopefully we will get to enjoy a similar vacation next year.

    Curt NILSSON, SE Charter: 10 - 17 June 2017, JEANNEAU 54 ‘KYMO’
  • We had a wonderful trip in the Sporades Islands, which turned out to be a marvel. We were surprised by the warm welcome by Sail Aegean. The first day they even gave us a lift to the supermarket to get our supplies. Everything was well organized. We had the perfectly equipped 50 ft Amfitriti with a crew of ten. We discovered enchanting beaches, a crystal clear sea, and relaxed ports. Many thanks to our skipper Apostolos and the team of Sail Aegean!

    Johan VANWALLEGHEM, BE Charter: 16 - 23 JULY 2016, JEANNEAU SO 509 'AMFITRITI'
  • 3 bareboats chartered in July 2017 for the Pattisons, the Fowlers and the Carvers. From our perspective we had an excellent boat called Doris out of Loutraki base. I just can’t fault the boat. Book this one if you can. Everything worked perfectly and the boat was presented in great condition. Base staff was excellent. There is another   couple who seem to run their own charter /flotilla company from the same pontoon as Sail Aegean so watch for him giving preference to his own customers first. Great sailing area. Good force 6 to finish the end of the holiday. Choose Sail Aegean and you won’t be disappointed.

    PATTISON Family, UK
    PATTISON Family, UK Charter: 21-28 July 2017, BAVARIA 36 ‘DORIS’
  • I would like to extend my gratitude to all your Volos Base team - Christina, Giannis, Angelos and Christos for the wonderful vacation we had on the Sporades! The beautiful catamaran Lagoon 380 Calypso was excellent, very well maintained and equipped and we had just to enjoy our vacation! See you next time!

    Hristo SHTEREV, BG
    Hristo SHTEREV, BG Charter: 22 – 29 July 2017, LAGOON 380 ‘CALYPSO’
  • Thank you very much for the great time we had in the Sporades thanks to Sail Aegean - especially for all the good advice and arrangements from the team both upfront in Brussels and in Volos. This week was first time we were sailing with our small children and all the ingredients for a successful holiday were there: yacht was well prepared especially as we were with kids, beaches and moorings are wonderful, food is excellent and area is very authentic. We were able to reach Alonissos via Skiathos and Skopelos. Thank you also for the advice for visiting Volos area after check-out: Pelion is very nice as well. We will come back, for sure!

    Sebastien BERGER, BE
    Sebastien BERGER, BE Charter: 29 July – 5 August 2017, BAVARIA 40 ‘EURYBIA’
  • Our Sailing holiday with Sail Aegean was filled with fantastic moments. I was baffled with the beauty of the Sporades and definitely will revisit these islands. The villages were typical Greek without being overcrowded. The anchorages we visited were beautiful and most of them had perfect holding grounds. The Jeanneau 419 we had was impeccable and the pre and after briefings were executed by a competent crew. We once had a faulty water pump. After a phone call we were directed to the nearest marina was an engineer fixed the problem very quickly. We can only recommend Sail Aegean as a charter company.

    Patrick DETOURNAY, BE Charter: 23 - 30 September 2017, JEANNEAU SO 419 ‘EULIMENE’
  • Hello Sail Aegean Team, I would like to thank you again for the wonderful sailing week that I had in October 2017. We were completely satisfied with your service and the sailboat. The upgrade to the Sun Odyssey 349 was a great thing. We really liked the boat; we will definitely book it again.

    Frank WOYDAK, DE Charter: 23-30 September 2017, JEANNEAU SO 33i ‘AFROESSA’
  • For the second time sporaden with Sail Aegean. What a fabulous experience! It looked so idyllic and peaceful. Top boats and top professional. We are definitely back in 2019.

    Pedro VANNESTE, BE Charter: 26 May - 2 June 2018, JEANNEAU SO 419 ‘EULIMENE’
  • We had a wonderful week with KYMO sailing Sporades. Please find below what one of the members of our team, Andromachi Sofocleous, wrote about our sailing trip. ‘Sailing with Kymo has been an extraordinary experience that we thoroughly enjoyed. Such a venture greatly relies on the boat in order to make it successful and what a formidable experience this has been with Kymo. The boat exceeded all expectations as it was spacious and equipped to the utmost detail while at no point did we feel that there was anything lacking. Besides, all the Sail Aegean staff made sure to assure us that they were available 24/7 and this enhanced the level of ease that we enjoyed. The ride was at all times as smooth as it goes and the best choice for enjoying Sporades. Kymo has become our favourite of niriides in greek mythology and we are already making plans for the next trip’.

    Constantinos THEODOLOU, CY Charter: 7-14 April 2018, JEANNEAU 54 ‘KYMO’
  • Thanks to all the Sail Aegean team for their warm way of being more than a business partner. For being generous people that put their best property at your free will; For being professional people that you know you can count on any time and in any situation; For being funny and relaxed people; For being like a family for us every time we came to meet the beauty of the Sporades. Σας ευχαριστώ, αγαπητοί φίλοι

    Dan BACIU, RO Charter: 28 May - 4 June 2018, JEANNEAU SO 439 ‘PASITHEA’
  • I would like to thank you. You have provided me and my crew perfect Sailing-Holidays! Your service was very friendly an professional. The yacht SY “RODI”, Sun Odyssey 469, was in excellent shape and very well equipped. Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland!

    Thomas BACHOFNER, CH Charter: 26 May - 9 June 2018, JEANNEAU SO 469 ‘RODI’
  • We sailed on Leukothea from 18th to 25th May. We had a great holiday, a few small issues with the boat, but I must say that George and Hara in Loutraki were fantastic. Very welcoming, offered some good advice, and just great at their job. Please send them our best regards.

    Jane and Rob BEZEMER, UK Charter: 18-26 May 2018, BAVARIA 36 ‘LEUKOTHEA’
  • We had a bareboat charter mini flotilla with Sail Aegean last May with 2 yachts. The jeanneau 54, Kymo and the Lagoon 42, Sao. Both yachts were in immaculate condition! The service and the approach of all the staff was excellent. Being a sailing instructor I have chartered extensively all over Greece. We had a great experience with sail aegean and I certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a charter in the picturesque area of Sporades.

    Alexis CHRISTOFI, CY Charter: 19-26 May, JEANNEAU 54 ‘KYMO’
  • We had a wonderful time onboard Meliti and enjoyed sailing between the islands Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonissos, we have sailed a total of 170 nm. The scenery is beautiful, the food (fresh fish) in the restaurants was delicious. The weather (end of May) was fine and the wind blew mostly moderate. Your staff at Volos and Loutraki was very friendly and helpful. We thank you for helping us having a nice vacation.

    Roland BELPAEME, BE Charter: 26 May – 2 June 2018, JEANNEAU SO 349 ‘MELITI’
  • It has been the the 6th. time that I charter with your company. I started with the 40’ Thalassa for 3 years in a row and moved on this year to Kymo, the 54’ Jeanneau. Chartering from your company has always been a very satisfying experience. When we arrive in Volos and meet Christos, it almost feels like coming home after a long time away. Your service and ground crew (especially also the Loutraki staff) have done a great job as always. Kymo performed excellent. We were on board with 8 people, but it never felt crowded. The room out- and inside are impressive and the swimming platform is a very good option. The airconditioning is excellent. The generator is very quiet compared to some other yachts I sailed. In regard to sailing performance, this boat likes a breeze. Although the winds were relatively light , one day we had winds up to 20 knots and with the gennaker raised, we pushed the boat to 12 knots. Absolutely beautiful to see how this boat performs under these conditions. Overall again an excellent experience thanks to SailAegean. The only downfall to this trip is that once you sailed the 54’ for a week, it is almost impossible to go smaller again.

    Michel CATTEAU, BE Charter: 7-14 July 2018, JEANNEAU 54 ‘KYMO’
  • I chartered Kymo from Skiathos on the above dates through Latesail in the UK, and I wanted to tell what a great trip we had. I have chartered many yachts over the years in Greece and Turkey, and this was by far the best boat, but more importantly Sail Aegean were the best company I have dealt with. Christos was extremely helpful and accommodating when we all realised that the floating pontoon was not going to be available giving me various alternative options. Panos was a star. From check-in to check out he was faultless ad quick to the few questions I had once we had sailed.

    Jim RYALL, UK Charter: 30 June - 7 July 2018, JEANNEAU 54 ‘KYMO’
  • I just wanted to thank you all for a fabulous holiday. We all thought Amfithoe was by far the best boat we have ever chartered. Everything worked perfectly which enabled us to have a stress free holiday. George and the team at Loutraki were very friendly and helpful and gave us some really good tips for secluded bays etc. All round excellent. Thank you.

    Roger SCOTTS, UK Charter: 28 July - 11 August 2018, JEANNEAU SO 519 'AMFITHOE'
  • Sail Aegean is one of the most professional if not the best yacht charter company in Greece! Professional staff and check-in process, very well maintained yachts. Me and my friends have rented 5 boats - Amfithoe, Amfitriti, Rodi, Pasithea and Eudora for a 220 miles trip in the Sporades 6-13 April, and not a single trouble with the boats. I strongly recommend Christina, Christos, Giannis and Sebi to all sailors from Volos!

    Hristo SHTEREV, BG
    Hristo SHTEREV, BG Charter: 6 - 13 April 2019, JEANNEAU SO 519 'AMFITHOE'
  • That was an epic journey that we prepared long in advance with the Sail Aegean team who provided relevant tips and advice. The Sporades are amazing islands to sail around and our yacht Amathea was fully equipped for a safe and relaxing cruise. We will remember amazing sunsets from the bridge with a glass of Uzo, morning rides with dolphins around, swimming in the deep blue waters off shore, chilling in small harbors free from tourists and eating wonderful home made Greek salads on board ! Feelings and experiences we will never forget !

    Jean-Baptiste BRUN, FR
    Jean-Baptiste BRUN, FR Charter: 11 May - 1 June 2019, JEANNEAU SO 319 'AMATHEA'
  • The holidays really started from the moment of the check-in with Sail Aegean - I have never experienced such a comfortable, kind and professional handover of a yacht. The Sail Aegean crew made sure that everything was explained well, the yacht had all the equipment (both safety and leisure) that you could wish for. The beauty of the gulf of Volos and the Sporades is, that it is not as crowded as the hot spots, meaning you usually find a mooring spot in a bay - best case, you will be even by yourself in the early or late season. Additionally, the landscapes are beautiful with a number of precious villages, hidden and tucked coves, as well as smaller islands where you could find yourself on a beach without anyone else around. The moment of check-out was again as professional and smooth as the check-in, we did not have a single issue with our yacht during one beautiful week between Volos and Skiathos. We will definitely be back again.

    Thomas GITTLER, CH Charter: 25 May - 1 June 2019, BAVARIA 36 'DORIS'
  • As a skipper I was in various places in Croatia and in Italy Sardinia. I made about 3000sm so far. This Year we were the first time in Greece. Crew 8 people. Intention - Family Törn. At arrival on the base in Volos I was highly impressed of the professionality and friendliness of all the base members. The handing over of the boat was very structured and complete. Unfortunately due to the late arrival at the airport we had to sleep the first night in the base (Despite Volos is a nice town). Through the whole Törn Georgios provided us with very useful informations per telephone where to stay overnight. This was really helpful. Thanks again to Georgios for that. So the destinations were: Trikeri-Skiathos Loutraki, Skopelos. Very impressive locations. The Kymo: For me the first time a 54 ft boat. I was astonished how easy it is to sail. Between Skiathos and Skopelos we had approximately 25 knots gusts 35. I reffed a 1third both genoa and main - upwind not even a bit of windward or leeward tendency - felt great, very stabile and - just mighty. After 1 week (far too short) we returned to the base in Volos relaxed and without any difficulties. Overall an extraordinary nice sailing experience in an amazing area. Thanks again SAIL AEGEAN and see you hopefully next year of course with the same boat.

    Martin RAFFL, AT
    Martin RAFFL, AT Charter: 13 July - 20 July 2019, JEANNEAU 54 'KYMO'
  • When we were planning our summer holidays to Sporades islands, we couldn’t imagine that they would be one of the best experiences of our lives! We rented Actaea for 5 days and we had the chance to explore the Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos by the sea for our first time! We would like to thank Sail Aegean for giving us the chance to sail with them and for their willingness to answer all of our questions, both before and during chartering. The yacht was in a very good condition and it was fully equipped with what was necessary for a safe journey. Hope to see you again next summer!

    Vasileios NTRIANKOS, GR
    Vasileios NTRIANKOS, GR Charter: 16 – 20 August 2020, JEANNEAU SO 349 ‘ACTAEA’
  • Towards the entire Sail Aegean team at our service, from the first phone call to the final goodbye in Loutraki: This was a trip we had in mind already for a long time. Despite the pandemic outbreak we decided to finally do it this year and make the best of it. In the end, this brought more troubles than we had foreseen and with that, at least as many insecurities. But the eventual holiday turned out to be the most memorable so far - in a good way of course. Therefore we are incredibly grateful towards Sail Aegean. Your flexibility, quick response service and kindness were of great help at all times: early morning till late night. Thanks to you, we had an incredible experience the past few weeks. This and our grown love for the Sporades islands, made us already start dreaming about the next time. This said, we want to thank you again for all the effort and hope to contact you soon.

    Ella PEETERS & Nathan REINDERS, BE Charter: 29 August – 4 September 2020, JEANNEAU SO 33i ‘AFROESSA’
  • Our sailing holidays 2020 with Sail Aegean were perfect. We had unbelievable days! In the port of Volos we got a warm reception, the instructions from you, but also from Vasilis and Anthanasios and and and were perfect and the boats were in very good condition. In every port in Trikeri, in Skiathos, in Skopelos, in Alonissos, in Skyros, etc. we were cordially welcomed; it is a really wonderful sailing area (this year the weather was perfect); my friends, Katrin and me loved greek people, the food, the restaurants, etc.. Greece is a wonderful country. Now, I wish you and the whole SailAegean-Team and all your families and all your friends good health (without Covid), be careful and I hope that we will see you all again in the next year.

    Roman ROHLING, CH
    Roman ROHLING, CH Charter: 4 – 12 September 2020, JEANNEAU SO 419 ‘EIONE’
  • Professional, friendly company who are extremely helpful every step of the way. A big shout out to Angelos for making our trip the most fantastic experience for our family with advice and local contacts. We can’t wait to come back.

    Kay GILMOUR, UK Charter: 27 May – 3 June 2023, JEANNEAU SO 410 ‘STILVI’
  • We had a great time and Sail Aegean staff was awesome, very professional and helpful. Special thanks to Vilma, she went out of her responsibilities to make the sailing trip possible.

    Jozef SMATANA, USA Charter: 10 - 24 June 2023, JEANNEAU SO 45DS ‘AURORA'

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SAIL AEGEAN est une société de location de yachts belgo-grecque, proposant des charters sans équipage et avec skipper, ainsi que des flottilles, dans une belle région du centre de la Grèce - le golfe de Volos (Pagasitikos), les îles Sporades et le nord d'Evia.

Avec notre flotte en constante expansion et notre succès croissant, notre propre chantier naval, notre entrepôt/accastillage et notre équipe de service technique maritime interne très expérimentée, nous nous efforçons de maintenir nos yachts en excellent état et d'offrir le meilleur service de location de la région. Nous proposons également des services techniques maritimes pour d'autres propriétaires de yachts et la possibilité d'investir dans un yacht.