Sail and Stay


Is one week sailing not long enough? Maybe your family/friends also want some time ashore in a hotel or villa? Discover the beautiful and unspoilt area of Pelion with our Sail & Stay Holidays. In addition to sailing, we’ll arrange for your stay in one of our partner hotels, as well as car rental, at favourable prices. Contact if you are interested.

We will also provide you with an itinerary of places to see and things to do, such as:

  • • An unforgettable ride through Mount Pelion’s precious cultural and natural heritage on the Pelion Train.
  • • A visit to the Archaelogical Museum of Volos, housed in an elegant neoclassical building.
  • • A trip to the spectacular Meteora - a Unesco World Heritage Site.
  • • A visit to the charming old venetian haven of Damouchari, also the filming location for the movie “Mamma Mia”.

Sail and Stay Hotels


12 Months Luxury Resort

Sail Aegean - 12 Months Luxury Resort
Tsagarada, Pelion

Adis Oneirou

Sail Aegean - Adis Oneirou
Mouresi, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Aegli
Argonauton street Volos

Anna's Home

Sail Aegean - Anna's Home
Portaria, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Anovolios
Agios Georgios Nilias, Pelion

Arxontika Karamarlis

Sail Aegean - Arxontika Karamarlis
Makrinitsa, Pelionon


Sail Aegean - Despotiko
Portaria, Pelion

Domotel Xenia

Sail Aegean - Domotel Xenia
Plastira street Volos


Sail Aegean - Iakovakis
Koropi, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Iliovolo
Milies, Pelion

Karavia Lux Inn

Sail Aegean - Karavia Lux Inn
Afissos, Volos


Sail Aegean - Kritsa
Portaria, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Levantes
Kala Nera, Pelion

Lagou Raxi

Sail Aegean - Lagou Raxi
Lafkos, Pelion

Mansion Sakali

Sail Aegean - Mansion Sakali
Pinakates, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Melies
Horto, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Minelska
Kala Nera, Pelion

Mountain Secret

Sail Aegean - Mountain Secret
Mouresi, Pelion

Pagaseon Studios

Sail Aegean - Pagaseon Studios
Kala Nera, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Petradi
Kalamaki, Pelion


Sail Aegean - Pinakoti
Pinakates, Pelion

Hotel Stoikos

Sail Aegean - Hotel Stoikos
Vizitsa, Pelion

Ta Xelidonakia

Sail Aegean - Ta Xelidonakia
Pinakates, Pelion

The Orchard Guest House

Sail Aegean - The Orchard Guest House
Maurogianni 29, Ano Lechonia


Sail Aegean - Triantafillies
Portaria, Pelion

Tsagarada House

Sail Aegean - Tsagarada House
Pelion, Tsagarada


Sail Aegean - Valis
Agria Station str. Volos

Villa Befani

Sail Aegean - Villa Befani
Horto, Pelion

Villa Prigkos

Sail Aegean - Prigos
Zagora Pelion

Xenia Palace

Sail Aegean - Xenia Palace
Portaria, Pelion