Testimonials - Client Comments and Reviews


Please find some comments copied from customer emails along with some photos where possible.


"Third experience with Sail Aegean and again a excellent trip : Volos, Pigadi, Skiathos, Loutraki, Tzasteni, Volos. Good support during the week on a very comfortable boat for 8 persons. Thanks and see you soon !"

Charter: 13 - 20 May 2017, LAGOON 380 'CALYPSO'


"The services of Sail Aegean were perfect. The checking and checkout procedure was well planned and we were always well informed how much time the things take. During last years I rented about 10 boats in Croatia and Greece and this was my best experience with charter I ever had. Sporades are beautiful and I hope I'll come back."

Charter: 13 - 20 May 2017, BENETEAU OC 40 'THALASSA'


"My wife, Jane and I, had a fabulous holiday on Leukothea. We visited the three main islands, with good sailing, beautiful walks and great meals. Perhaps our favourite spot was Panormos Bay. The boat was excellent and we soon got the hang of using two main sheets and we found the in-mast furling very simple to operate. Tony was great at the start and finish of our holiday."

Charter: 5 - 12 May 2017, BAVARIA 36 'LEUKOTHEA'


Review Bialystocki

"In one word, our sailing was FANTASTIC !!!! We had a great sailing in the Sporades. The skipper was excellent and we enjoyed our holiday a lot. We saw beautiful places and beaches, although we had 2 rainy days, but this was also a sort of an experience. The yacht, Rodi, was perfect, nice and comfortable. The islands each one more beautiful than the other and the skipper, THE BEST !!!!!"

Charter: 17 - 24 September 2016, JEANNEAU SO 469 'RODI'


"I spent one wonderful sailing week with my family in the Lagoon 380 catamaran. The four of us enjoyed very much the sailing experience with Sail Aegean and I would recommend it to anyone willing to spend time discovering Greek islands and sailing. The yacht was new, clean and very comfortable. For this first experience in a catamaran we had an excellent skipper, Giorgos, with whom we learnt all the tricks of sailing this wonderful yacht. Giorgos is very experienced and easy-going and we had a wonderful time in his company. I really hope to repeat this amazing experience once again next year'."

Charter: 10 - 17 September 2016, LAGOON 380 'CALYPSO'


Review Vanmol

"Thank you again this year (third year returning client) for the wonderful charter experience with Sail Aegean. You really feel that your clients get full attention: Giannis, you were there by email before we left Brussels, to welcome us at the bus station in Volos (for tickets you had pre-booked for us), when we sailed back to Volos and even to walk us back to the bus station while our luggage was being taken care of. Your service is of high quality and you always seek feedback to make it better every day! In Volos, Aris and Christos came to greet us. We are very happy and privileged to be members of the Sail Aegean family and we would recommend Sail Aegean to anyone who wants a faultless charter experience, on top of a beautiful sailing area with delicious food."

Nicholas VANMOL, BE
Charter: 10 - 16 September 2016, BENETEAU OC 40 'THALASSA'


Review Vanwalleghem

"We had a wonderful trip in the Sporades Islands, which turned out to be a marvel. We were surprised by the warm welcome by Sail Aegean. The first day they even gave us a lift to the supermarket to get our supplies. Everything was well organized. We had the perfectly equipped 50 ft Amfitriti with a crew of ten. We discovered enchanting beaches, a crystal clear sea, and relaxed ports. Many thanks to our skipper Apostolos and the team of Sail Aegean!"

Charter: 16 - 23 JULY 2016, JEANNEAU SO 509 'AMFITRITI'


Review Moeremans

"After having sailed a lot in the (cold and dark) North Sea and Brittany, my wife and I decided to change horizons. We met Sail Aegean in Düsseldorf and Gent and were very pleased with their enthusiasm and eagerness. Hence, we embarked for a sailing adventure with Sail Aegean. Throughout the whole time, we were very positively surprised by their professional approach. The Brussels team followed up our files in a very structured way and provided us with lots of interesting ideas for our week of sailing. Once arrived in Greece, we experienced the same great service: from the shuttle service from Thessaloniki to Volos to the great welcome from the guys from Loutraki base, George and Tony. Our boat, the Galateia 33 ft., was in perfect condition, very clean and fully equipped. Our sailing adventure in the Sporades was super. It really met all expectations: great sailing area with beautiful harbours, great winds (up to 28 knots!), beautiful landscapes. During the trip, we did not have any significant problem but when we had a question, either Tony or George were always available. Conclusion: Sail Aegean gives an impeccable service from beginning till the end. It sounds like doing it again...Many thanks to the team: Christina, Aris, Giannis, Tony, Apostolos, George and all the others we might have missed. Ευχαριστώ πολι!!!!!"

Charter: 26 - 2 August/September 2016, JEANNEAU SO 33i 'GALATEIA'


Review Felber

"Many thanks to you and your Volos-crew for doing a great job. Yacht Rodi is well maintained and is very well equipped.The handover-process was quick and easy so we had a perfect start for a safe and relaxing sailing trip. Also many thanks to your Brussel-Office-Team. Every detail of our trip organized by Christina worked exactly as promised. We are looking forward to see you on our next sailing trip in Volos!"

Charter: 9 - 16 July 2016, JEANNEAU SO 469 'RODI'


Review Dragmir

"I highly appreciate you promptitude during the negotiation and planning. The guys from Volos base are amazing. They made us to feel very comfortable during the check in and check out and our boat was ready for sailing. Our home for one week, Rodi (JSO469), was in the best shape with all the required facilities."

Daniel-Robert DRAGOMIR, RO
Charter: 18 - 25 June 2016, JEANNEAU SO 469 'RODI'


"It was the first time that we chartered a boat through Sail Aegean. To put it in short words: Everything from the booking, the welcome in Volos, takeover of the boat until check out of the boat was handled very professionally. The whole staff of Sail Aegean is very friendly and helpful. We had a perfect holiday! Our boat was in very good shape. We experienced a wonderful week of sailing in the Northern Sporades and Pagasitikos Gulf. All people we met during our journey were wonderful. Our seven day itinerary: Volos - Trikeri - Skiathos Town - Skopelos Loutraki - Skiathos - Platanía - Pigádhion - Kottes - Nies - Volos. Out of all great tavernas we would like to point out the following: H Mata, Pigádhion - the owner Christos was very helpful, even with power supply; Tseta Taverna, Kottes - owned by a very nice elderly couple - we loved the fresh fish and calamari. Christina and Christos are doing a wonderful job, they took great care of us. Excellent base in Volos with fantastic boats. We will be back soon to discover more of the hidden secrets of this beautiful place on earth!"

Michael MÜNCH, DE
Charter: 23 - 30 May 2015, BAVARIA 40 'EURYBIA'


Review Schellekens

"Even the third time we discovered new, beautiful, places in the Sporades islands with our children! We had a comfortable time on the Rodi yacht. Great weather, good sailing and still nice sea temperature (27°) in the middle of September. Greek inhabitants have a great kitchen and a warm hospitality. We recommend Sail Aegean for their quality and price, the boats are nearly new, also we feel very welcome by Christos and his team. Thank you and see you next year!"

Peter Schellekens & Family, BE
Charter: 12 - 19 September 2015, JEANNEAU SO 469 'RODI'


"This year was the second time we chartered a boat from Sail Aegean. The boat, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439, was new and in perfect condition and like before we had a great time. The whole trip was well organized. The pick up at the airport in Thessaloniki,our stay in an excellent hotel (Xenia Domotel) in Volos, the transport to the boat etc. went smoothly. We visited some old favorites we discovered the first time (2013) we were in the Sporades like Platania, Skiathos city, Agnonda and Steni Vala. Then we crossed to Khalkidhiki to the north were we discovered great little ports like Nea Skioni, Nea Fokaia, Porto Koufo and others. One of the highlights was the trip along the coast of Akti with the monasteries and a great view on mount Athos. On our way back from Khalkidhiki we stayed in Loutraki for a day and then we returned to Volos. We enjoyed Greek hospitality everywhere we went. The stay in the hotel and the trip back to Thessaloniki was once again well organized. We thank the Sail Aegean Team who made this great sailing holiday possible."

John Soetewey, BE
Charter: 25 - 8 July/August 2015, JEANNEAU SO 439 'EUDORA'


Review Wissmann

"The organizing and provision of information of our journey was perfect! Sail Aegean's staff is very friendly, experienced and enthusiastic. The yacht was very nice and clean, comfortable, fully equipped and highly recommended for 4 adults and 4 teenagers!! Great experience also to learn and participate in daily activities of the vessel (such as navigating, anchoring,sailing etc). It was a great and fantastic experience for all of us, relaxing but at the same time also very exciting with full of action and adventure. I can still remember our last moments leaving the sailboat while all our children had tears in their eyes!!!! We are all looking forward to coming again on board very soon!"

Wissmann-Perrakis Family, BE
Charter: 11 - 17 July 2015, JEANNEAU SO 439 'PASITHEA'


Review Franssen

"After 3 years of sailing-courses and sailing in the Netherlands with all kinds of boats, a dream came finally true: sailing between the beautiful islands in Greece. Good weather, clear water, fine restaurants, friendly people everywhere... and the fantastic boats of Sail Aegean. Thanks to the crew of Sail Aegean, Christos, James, Lina and all the others behind the organization!"

Piet Franssen, BE
Charter: 26 - 3 September/October 2015, JEANNEAU SO 33i 'GALATEA'


Review Sprumont

"We were driven from Thessaloniki by bus and carried directly to our boat, that was very comfortable and once arrived, were greeted by Sail Aegean’s boss: very friendly. The boat was as expected: clean and well equipped with all the safety equipment you could dream of. All the kitchenware were found aboard, which gave us a very good impression about the professionalism of the staff. We had 15 wonderful days on a clear Aegean sea, under the (too) warm sun and these sailing holidays gave us the opportunity to meet interesting people, mainly people living on their boat while travelling. The Aegean sea is a splendid place to sail, as the islands aren’t too far away from each other and are all different in harbours, towns, landscape and curiosities."

Yves Sprumont, BE
Charter: 18 - 1 July/August 2015, BENETEAU OC 37 'GALENE'


Review Roux

“This year was our first experience in the Sporades – and first experience with Sail Aegean. But what an experience! During the preparation phase of our cruise, not knowing yet the area, we had frequent questions to raise to the Sail Aegean team. This was about logistics, advice on where to stay longer etc. And I must say that we got an answer to every single question…. And by the way, in a very nice and well documented manner! When we arrived in the Sporades, we had the chance to sail on THOE – a wonderful Sun Odyssey 469! We already knew this boat. But what an amazing cruise! We have enjoyed a lot sailing in the middle of the islands – and in particular Skopelos, where Sail Aegean has got a base which is very convenient. One should not hesitate! Sail Aegean is THE right charter to sail with!!”

Dominique Roux, FR
Charter: 22 - 5 August/September 2015, JEANNEAU SO 469 ‘THOE’


"We had an excellent two weeks. The boat was the best we have chartered (Jeanneau SO33i); well-equipped and in good condition. Sail Aegean very good: again the best we’ve come across."

Andrew Scott, UK
Charter: 14 - 28 August 2015, JEANNEAU SO 33i 'AFROESSA'


Review Catto

"This was our third year of sailing with Sail Aegean and that in itself is a testament of how much we have enjoyed our holidays. I was, before starting these holidays, a very very reluctant sailor and I can honestly say that the holidays have done a lot for curing my fear of sailing. We had George as our skipper again this year, his friendliness and understanding makes an enormous difference and the fact that we can go at our own pace, stopping each evening in little ports that otherwise you wouldn’t see on a normal holiday have made it a special time. We have a house on Mt Pelion and have been coming to Greece on holiday for over 20yrs and this for the last 3 years has added to our family holidays enormously. Each year we have been a bit further and seen a bit more of the Sporades which we have enjoyed enormously. My husband and three sons have all managed to get their fix of sailing in helping one way or another with the sailing of the boat. Now I just have to plan what we are going to do next year!"

Kathryn Catto, UK
Charter: 8 - 14 August 2015, JEANNEAU SO 439 'EUDORA'


Review Schwartzburger

“We met Sail Aegean in their first year at the BOOT Show in Düsseldorf/Germany and were immediately very impressed by their enthusiasm and kindness! We knew that our first family sailing holiday would only be with Sail Aegean. So we decided to start this year with a smooth sailing trip with our 2 sons (3 and 6 years old). Christina was extremely helpful during the preparation phase, choosing the right size of the boat (a wonderful Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349), nice route along the Sporades islands and making our life so easy with pre-ordering from a provision list and some safety extras for our children. The Team from Sail Aegean was very flexible and made any ad-hoc requests and changes possible during our trip ! We very much appreciated this accommodation of our family needs. The area of Magnesia is perfect for sailing trips with families or for people who prefer short sailing tours per day and the possibility to see many beautiful places in a short period of time. We went there in the first week of June and we can confirm that this is a great time of the year - not too crowded, not too hot and still wonderful weather conditions. We really recommend a sailing trip with Sail Aegean very much !!! DO NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE ! Looking forward to our next holiday with them soon!”

Alexandra Schwartzbürger and Family, DE
Charter: 31 - 8 May/June 2015, JEANNEAU SO 349 ‘DYNAMENE’


Review Claus

“We again want to say thank you for a wonderful week in this beautiful place of the world. The warm and friendly welcome, the brand new and perfect boat, the lovely beaches and the good wind made it a perfect time-out for us."

Ullrich and Anja Claus, DE
Charter: 16 - 23 May 2015, JEANNEAU SO 349 'FEROUSA'


Review Davies

"This is our third year chartering with Sail Aegean and we once again enjoyed a lovely two week sailing holiday in and around the Sporades aboard Galatea, a brand new Jeanneau 33 footer. Friends joined us for the first week flotilla style on their own skippered Sail Aegean yacht. A great way to sail with friends! It only keeps getting better and better! And every time we do a bit of comparison shopping, Sail Aegean comes out on top with best new yachts, best service and best prices: we've just booked again for next summer (2015) and this time for 3 weeks! (and we're now taking Greek lessons)."

Ian Davies and family, CA
Charter: 1-15 August 2014, JEANNEAU SO 33i 'GALATEA'


“My wife and I had a wonderful week on board Doris (Bavaria 36). The weather was just perfect – sunny but not too hot – with light cruising winds. We enjoyed the excellent food in Trikeri, anchored in the ‘Mamma Mia’ bay of Kastri, had a beautiful view on Doris from the shades of a taverna at Mourtias beach and enjoyed the scenery from the old town of Patitiri. Doris was a perfect host and so was Sail Aegean’s organization, with special thanks to Christos who really takes care of all of your needs and questions."

John and Sylvia Michielssen, BE
Charter: 6 - 13 September 2014, BAVARIA 36 'DORIS'


“Thank you SAIL AEGEAN, for the great experience of the sailing trip. It was marvelous and Stelios, our skipper, is a great skipper."

Famille T'Jollyn, BE
Charter: 5 - 12 July 2014, BAVARIA 40 'EURYBIA'


Review Delorme

"Excellente semaine de vacances dans les Sporades, magnifique périmètre de navigation, au milieu de paysages paradisiaques, dans une eau limpide, turquoise et déjà parfaite pour la baignade en cette fin mai. Services et conseils impeccables, prise en main du bateau très facile, Doris et son équipement sont très complets et quasi neufs. Sail Aegean et en particulier Cristos nous ont assistés sur place et pendant la navigation (par GSM) de manière sûre et très professionnelle. Nous sommes conquis et avons déjà réservé pour septembre, n’ayant pas eu assez d’une semaine ! Et ce n’est sans doute pas fini … Merci à Sail Aegean et son équipe !"

L. Delorme, BE
Charter : 24 - 31 May 2014 BAVARIA 36 'DORIS'


“We enjoyed our stay and return back in July! Wonderfull area, nice and friendly locals, well equiped nearly new boat and very friendly reception by Christos and Anta."

Peter & Sophie, BE
Charter: 13-20 May 2014, BAVARIA 36 'DORIS'

Review Petkov

"I would like to thank you for the fantastic days sailing on your yacht. It was a great pleasure for us and the adventure will remain unforgettable for us. Should mention that everything was perfectly organized and the yacht looked very well-kept. Hope to see you again. Global Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)"

P. Petkov, BG
Charter : 3 - 9 May 2014, BAVARIA 36 'DORIS'


Review Catto

"Having never sailed before as a family and also being totally terrified of sailing, my fear was calmed as soon as we boarded the boat and sailed out of Volos harbour. I had total confidence in Christos' ability as a skipper and we all had a fabulous time. Christos managed to read the situation in the family between keen sailors (my husband and two of my sons) and rather nervous non sailors in myself and my middle son and adjust the sailing accordingly. We bay hopped during the day and stopped in little fishing villages for the night between the bay of Volos, Skiathos and Skopelos. For someone who was crying the morning we left to go sailing (such was my fear), I even managed to take the helm and sail the boat back to Volos for most of the last of our 5 days away. It was such a success that we are now planning our holiday next year and how we can fit in sailing with Sail Aegean."

Kathryn Catto, UK
Charter: 21 - 25 August 2013, BENETEAU OCEANIS 37 'GALENE'


Review Debro

"We had a great sailing holiday this September! First of all I would like to highlight the quality of the services we got from Christos: always friendly, ready to help and very professional during check in/out. Enjoying the beautiful Sporades with a brand new boat, beginning of autumn is the best combination you may look for: perfect temperature, fair wind, good water, no crowd! If we add the friendly people from "sailaegean" to all above, I would say, this is the right setup for a perfect holiday. Thank you "sailaegean team" and I am already looking to see next year!"

Tiberiu Dobre, RO
Charter: 7-14 September 2013, BAVARIA 40 'EURYBIA'


"As a first time sailor nothing prepared me for the amazing week we had with Sail Aegean. We were constantly offered amazing views, beautiful beaches, quaint port towns and delicious foods. The boat was impeccable. Spacious and modern with plenty of room for the 6 of us plus Christos our skipper. Christos was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and attended our every request while keeping us safe. Highlights of the week consisted of high speed sailing, dolphin spotting and sailing under the stars. Thank you to everyone at Sail Aegean for a memorable holiday and hope to see you soon!"

Thomas Tyson and friends, BE
Charter: 7 - 14 September 2013, BENETEAU OCEANIS 40 'THALASSA'

Review Tyson

Review Davies

Welcoming crystal clear azure seas. Endless sunny days and fair winds. Coves, beaches and quaint harbours. Legendary Greek hospitality. Wonderful food and wine. Together with Sail Agean's friendly, professional and competent service what more could you ask for! We're booking again!"

Ian Davies and family, CA
Charter: 18 - 25 August 2012, BENETEAU OCEANIS 40 'THALASSA'


“I would like to thank you for the fantastic days sailing on your yacht. It was a great pleasure for us and the adventure will remain unforgettable for us. Should mention that everything was perfectly organized and the yacht looked very well-kept. Wishing you very success in your business. Hope to see you again."

Valerie Andreev, BG
Charter: 3 - 8 May 2014, BAVARIA 36 'DORIS'


“We had a fantastic holiday and really enjoyed the boat. Thank you and also Christos for looking after us so well."

Nick Lumley, UK
Charter: 3 - 17 August 2012, BENETEAU OCEANIS 40 'THALASSA'


Brand new boat - The boat was brand new and as such very complete, very clean, good inventory, etc. Excellent check in and welcome by Christos - his reception and more specifically the services of Christos are outstanding! Christos is an excellent guy, sympathetic, very helpful, knowledgeable and no effort is too much. Great support during trip - Response on the phone during the week was perfect and immediate. So, make sure you keep him!! Excellent check out - Check out was very good, and we were happy we could use the boat still during that day. So nothing but positive. It was a beautiful trip. We are very happy.
Thanks. Jan.
Welcome: 5/5 (Excellent) - Boat: 5/5 (Excellent) - Quality/Price: 5/5 (Excellent) - Destination: 5/5 (Excellent) - GLOBAL RATING: 5/5 (EXCELLENT)"

Jan Dobbenie, BE
Charter: 18 - 25 May 2013, BAVARIA 40 ‘EURYBIA'


“Our holiday with Sail Aegean was fantastic. The boat rented was big and spacious enough for our large group of seven (plus the two crew members) and was in excellent condition. The captain (Alex) and Christos were very friendly and flexible to our needs and requests, while providing professional and competent service. The scenery was breathtaking and the activities available were fun for all members of our group, ranging from 16 to 50s. The journey and our experience on the whole was amazing, with delicious greek food and wine enjoyed along the way. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone!"

Daniela Zannelli, BE
Charter: 7 - 14 July 2012, BAVARIA 50